@Jump Festa 2020

The Dragon Ball World Adventure has
finally arrived in Japan!
We have joined many exciting events through the globe,
and here we share some scenes from our final stop.

Stage programs

Very special stages were held during Jump Festa 2020!
There were announcements of new products, music performances, and video game tournaments!
Masako Nozawa(Voice of Goku), Takeshi Kusao(Voice of Trunks), the members of ’Dragon Soul’ and more joined,celebrated this once-a-year moment with the fans.

  • ▼Dragon Ball Toys

  • ▼Animation ‘Dragon Ball Super’

  • ▼Super Dragon Ball Heroes

  • ▼Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle & Dragon Ball Legends


  • ▼Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

Dragon Ball Rally

The rally kit was distributed for people at the venue.
Participants followed the guide to collect all 7 Dragon Balls to receive gorgeous gifts.


Real size statues of Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu and more welcomed the visitors!

Photo ops

So many attractions gave the fans a chance to take a memorable shot!
Friends, families blasted their final attacks as if they were Goku and Piccolo!
They also stepped into the cover of Dragon Ball Comics vol.1!

Book Store

A pop up store with an amazing selection of Dragon Ball comics and books!
The special key chain was an purchase giveaway!
‘Dragon Ball Battle Road' section was located next to the book store, letting the fans look back on the battle History of Goku!

Kintoun Experience

An adventurous ride where fans got on Kintoun, experienced the Dragon Ball world!
The screen showed spectacular sights, feeling like flying through the air.


Guests enjoyed the video games at the venue!

  • ▼Super Dragon Ball Heroes

  • ▼Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission



A collection of all the popular vending machine capsule toys!
People took their chances to win their favorite items.

Claw Crane Game

Fans played this super fun arcade game and won the extremely long Shenron plush.

Special Goodies

People tried out the goodie summon based on the highly popular app games.
Dragon Ball Legends, Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle goodies were available!

Dragon Ball World Adventure exhibition

Looking back at the history of Dragon Ball World Adventure.

Dragonball World Adventure!
Looking back at the history of the Dragon Ball Tour!!

Tamashii Nations

Tamashii Nations The latest selection of S.H.Figuarts action figure series together with the beautiful dioramas.
Also announced the official release of S.H.Figuarts Captain Ginyu!

Toy Exhibits

Check out all the Dragon Ball toys and collectibles!

Let’s try to build!

People enjoyed the plastic model experience.
Plastic model kit Son Gokou Trial Ver. was available at the tutorial booth.

Thank you all for attending the show!
We hope to see you soon again.

*Not all products are indicated here are available in all geographic areas.